Synthetic Nylon Paintbrush- Variety Set

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  • PAINTING IN WATERCOLOR OR ACRYLICS?: Artists and painters alike love this high quality synthetic nylon paint brush set for their versatile abilities. Pro results for hobbyists, artists, fine art and beginners.
  • IMAGINE HOW YOU WILL LOOK AND FEEL UTILIZING OUR PREMIUM CREATIVE COLORS ARTIST PAINT BRUSHES: Nylon brushes comprised with a mixture of premium synthetic nylon hair that extends excellent liquid capacity. These watercolor painting brushes deliver great strokes while painting your masterpiece, without stray hairs. Superior to any and all of the cheaper blicks art supplies.
  • BELIEVE YOU CAN MASTER ANY PAINTING OR CRAFT: Because you are using the best nylon paint brushes. This paintbrush set would have been part of bob ross's painting supplies. They hold paint nicely giving you great capability for all your techniques. With 6 sizes of brushes to choose from: # 1 round paint brush for signatures or detail lines, # 2 Fan painting brush, # 4 Round paint brush, # 6 Angle paint brush, # 8 Flat paint brush, and # 10 large acrylic filbert.
  • ARTISTS AROUND THE WORLD ENJOY THESE HANDCRAFTED, DURABLE, BIRCH WOOD LONG HANDLE BRUSHES: These brushes are easy to clean and easy to store with a free brush holder storage box for Plein Air travel. Use these art brushes for acrylic paint or watercolor. These nylon paint brushes are handmade piece by piece from the finest brush artisans in the world. An Equivalent to Bob Ross paint brushes and Bob Ross Fan brushes, that will give you ease in every stroke with an equal amount of light weight wit
  • DISCOVER A PROFOUNDLY UNIQUE PAINT BRUSH SET WITH A STRONG FERRULE: You will experience nothing but greatness with this set. No cheap brushes here. Chrome plated to ensure no wobbling or loose hairs while creating your art. Personally painted a shimmery silver to give your Paint Brush Set personality. 100% guarantee with a risk-free experience. We included for you a 2 year warranty because we fully embrace and stand behind this Nylon paint brush set. Buy today. Start your creative journey now!