How to Find time to Create and Post

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Creating the time to post and create:

When should you create and schedule time too post for your relationship building?

Sometimes we as creatives get overwhelmed with the “Social Media” world….believe I know! (Unfortunately, this how I make money) Either way, if you create an organized way to doing this you will feel more in control and less overwhelmed!

  1. Take some time and schedule out your week:

Organizing your “BIG FISH: before the week even starts really put you in the better situation when its Wednesday and all you want to do is watch TV. Get yourself a planner and really make yourself set out time to create, create content and comment to others on social media. When you see it wrote down it starts to get exciting and feel excited that you are making progress. But please remember this social media space does take time and you may lose followers. But just keep in mind that you need relationships not just watchers :)

2.Spend a day creating:

Really give yourself a day to just create without distraction. But keeping in mind that you are creating for social media too is very helpful. Here is where you will be taking breaks to take pictures of your progress or even recording you as you create. Followers want to see your style and are intrigued by seeing others paint. We need to remember that not everyone can create seeing this talent in real time really grows your following. And brings them closer to your journey


3.Do you know how to schedule posts in advance?

There are many ways to schedule posts to go out for the future. Programs like buffer and even Facebook have a way for you to schedule on Instagram and Facebook for the future. Check out my video where I explained how to get there.


4.Following up daily:

Taking sometime to check in on your social media accounts and making sure that you are commenting something is what customers and followers really care about. They are not just a number to us. They are on this art journey with us, help them see that you care about their comments. 

This doesn’t need to be overwhelming. It will be fun to see your followers see interest when you show up for yourself first and then them. Happy Creating!

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