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Are you a creative soul but feel lonely sometimes? Do you sometimes feel like you are the only one that wants to be home with yourself or just that one friend? 

You are not alone. Most creative people feel this way and this is why you are different and its okay!

Creative people are different by definition but it is just because we are not trying to blend in. We think differently and are sometimes thinking about passion and what drives us and most people aren't built this way and that is what makes you different.

Creative People see the world differently:

We are always trying to find room for improvement or looking for a way to make it better. Most people are okay with the stagnancy or the changelessness, but that is what drives us crazy. We love to push the envelope and wonder why others don't. We see the world with endless possibilities and want to leave our mark on it. 

Loner or Introvert are usually the word you hear

We don't dislike people...we just like our me-time to imagine and create in a peaceful state. It allows us to get our creativity out like painting, sketching, or singing. We have to act on that creativity because if not we are left with that itch that will not go away and for us that is what makes our soul cry out, if we don't act on the itch. But watch out challenging us to a project! Because we will dive in and really deliver because that is our nature!

We don't judge:

We know that judging only holds people back and that isn't part of our nature to do so! Creatives hate monotonous work and need to be challenged on levels that some would rather not learn. We go to work and school not because we want to but because we have too. And we most likely will take the unusual job because it peaks our interests.

More emotional than others?

Maybe we are because we are more in-tune with ourselves or at least let our bodies feel the emotion. And this is something that regular people don't do often. We pay more attention to our senses and really seek to find a higher ground. To us the world has more meaning. To some the world is a blur but for creatives it's more to them...its everything.

Dreamers you say:

We love to dream and think of the maybe or what ifs. But the dreams that seem to big do scare us at times. Dreamers dream of change, they dream of a better world or tomorrow, a different way and a better future.

Creatives are what make the world a better place even though some are scared of us because of the way we think or act. Not all people are created equal and thank god for that or this world would be a sad place with no colors. With the creative people we can see the world a different way. 










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